Above the Alps

A scenic tour across the Swiss mountains

In October the Alps are still free of snow and the grass is a lush green. An ideal time to explore the Confederation Helvetica.
The first stop after leaving the lowlands was Grindelwald, a town famous for the impressively steep faces of Mt. Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Not far from this touristy village, my two brothers share a tiny rural shack devoid of any modern amenities. Electricity, plumbing and satellite TV are all but forgotten. Yet despite the lack of such creature comforts the place has charm. And breathtaking views as you may have seen in the film Heidi. Normally it would have been the ideal place to disconnect from technology, if it had not been for the RC airplane and GoPro camera. By combining these two toys into one, it gave the opportunity to see the unique mountain panorama from an airborne perspective.